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Programs & Services


The Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire is a private freestanding psychiatric hospital specializing in mental health such as treatment for depression or stress and treatment for substance abuse such as drug and alcohol addiction. Serving Houston and surrounding areas, we believe the road to recovery begins with understanding, hope and healing at Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire.

At the Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire, caring and compassionate staff attend to the patient, his or her family members and/or significant others. The entire treatment process has the goal of providing support to the patient so that he or she may return emotionally stronger to daily living. A well-defined aftercare plan outlines specific guidelines for the patient to follow in order to maintain progress made in treatment.

Upon completion of the initial assessment, a licensed mental health clinician will recommend an appropriate level of care to meet the patient’s needs. The levels of care include:

  • Inpatient Hospital Services
  • Adolescent Services
  • Specialty Programs
  • Outpatient Services