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Partial Hospitalization Program PHP

Outpatient Care

The Partial Hospitalization Program is our highest level of outpatient care, designed to offer the least restrictive alternative to inpatient care for patients who may be on the cusp of an inpatient admission or may have been recently discharged from the inpatient setting. Our PHP offers treatment in a secure, comfortable environment, led by a multi-disciplinary treatment team that focuses on the individual treatment needs of each patient.

  • Patients participate in PHP Monday thru Friday, 9am – 3pm (lunch provided on-site)
  • Each patient works together with our staff to develop an individualized treatment plan catered to his or her needs and goals
  • Patients undergo a minimum of four group therapy sessions per day, helping patients to learn how to manage their illnesses and develop coping skills
  • Patients in the PHP receive weekly medication monitoring and management services from a medical provider, while staff works to engage the patient with a long-term mental health provider in the community.