Hospital Services

Hospital ServicesAt the Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire, the patient is our top priority so we offer a variety of inpatient hospital services options to meet individual needs. Our inpatient hospital services include:

  • Behavioral Health Program – Inpatient mental health treatment is indicated for people experiencing severe mental illness that impacts their ability to function independently and safely, examples include stress and depression. Twenty-four-hour supervision is provided in a safe and supportive environment..
  • Detox – The detoxification program allows an individual to cleanse the body from alcohol or drugs while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. Detox is often the first step in treatment and is followed by a behavioral-based treatment program.
  • Psychiatric Intensive Care Program (PICU)– Intensive clinical supervision and support are provided for patients in serious mental health crisis. The program stabilizes patients with acute or severe psychiatric symptoms.
  • Co-occurring Disorders Program – This program delivers specialized care for individuals who face a combination of mental illness and drug or alcohol dependency.