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Exclusively Women’s Program

Exclusively Women’s Program

Exclusively Women’s Wellness Program

A women’s program designed specifically to treat victims of domestic violence, rape, post-partum depression and other female specific issues. The women’s treatment is a psychotherapy that integrates elements of behavior, cognitive and gestalt therapy and meditation for patients who want to add a spiritual dimension to their lives.

Our mission is to provide professional and compassionate treatment focused on the diverse and unique needs of women with challenges in self-esteem, relationships, stress of multiple roles, and trauma. The Exclusively Women’s Wellness Program provides a nurturing community where women of all ages (18+) offer each other hope and support as they move through life stages.

Treatment is comprehensive and individualized with a focus on crisis stabilization. Our goal is to help patients stabilize, develop healthy lifestyle patterns, identify and begin to heal the emotional issues that trigger symptoms and develop the coping skills needed to prevent relapse. Women pursue symptom management through building new strength and finding new resources to regain command of their lives.

Exclusively Women’s Wellness Program is designed to meet the needs of women including:

  • Depressive disorders related to reproductive issues: loss of pregnancy, post-partum depression and psychosis, breast feeding and psychiatric medication, fertility and menopause
  • Anxiety and obsessive disorders
  • Trauma education, treatment and support
  • Relationship issues
  • Eating disorders not requiring medical hospitalization

Exclusively Women’s Wellness Program objectives are:

  • Caring welcome for each new admission to reduce their fears and incorporate them into the caring environment
  • Focus on empowerment to help them make healthy decisions toward their recovery and re-integration into their families, workplace, and daily life
  • Create a compassionate and healthy environment free from judgment and seclusion with greater focus on preparing them to face their stress and triggers with a positive, motivated approach

Exclusively Women’s Wellness Program includes:

  • DBT-certified therapist focused on DBT evidence-based programming
  • Yoga, guided meditation, and Zumba and art therapy
  • A continuum of mental health services exclusively for women
  • A professional team of psychiatrists, master’s prepared therapists and 24/7 nursing care
  • Development of a collaborative interdisciplinary treatment plan
  • Integration, education, and coordination with primary care providers and the referring agency
  • Active individualized discharge planning

Only women attend specialized groups. The women’s treatment team utilizes evidence-based therapies in order to help each woman cope with trauma and crisis, grief and loss, anxiety, and cultivate life skills dealing with self-image, relationships, healthy boundaries, and anger management. Exclusively Women also provides diagnosis and medication education specifically for women including relapse prevention, medication compliance, access to drug and alcohol addiction groups, AA and NA.