Specialty Programs

The Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire’s specialized services meet the unique needs of each of its patients.

  • Exclusively Women – A women’s program designed specifically to treat victims of domestic violence, rape, post-partum depression and other female specific issues. The women’s treatment team utilizes Dr. Jeffrey Young’s Schema therapy. Schema is a psychotherapy that integrates elements of behavior, cognitive and gestalt therapy and meditation for patients who want to add a spiritual dimension to their lives.
  • Senior Adult Program – A program for seniors suffering from emotional and psychological distresses. These may include depression, anxiety, changes or problems with medication, dementia and psychiatric disorders resulting from other medical conditions. Seniors are treated using the evidence-based curriculum of The Art and Science of Reminiscing: Theory, Research, Methods and Applications and Group Work with Elders: 50 Therapeutic Exercises for Reminiscence, Validation and Re-motivation.