Adolescent Services

Services for adolescents at Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire are specifically designed to meet the mental health care needs of patients aged 12 through 17. Individuals experiencing serious behavioral disturbances or an inability to function at home or school may be appropriate for treatment in an inpatient setting. Every individual is provided with a variety of opportunities to learn new skills and to achieve success. The continuum of care also includes Partial Hospitalization for Adolescents (PHP).

Signs of behavioral health issues may include any of the following: Suicidal thoughts or actions or thoughts of death; depression; withdrawn behavior; physical acting out towards self, others, or objects; mood swings; alcohol and/or drug abuse; and/or inability to cope with problems and daily activities. If you recognize any of the above symptoms, our qualified behavioral health professionals are available at all times to determine the most appropriate level of care for each individual. All clients will receive an opportunity to connect with a treatment provider that best suits their needs.