About Us

About UsAt the Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire, we believe the road to recovery begins with understanding, hope and healing.

Our team of clinical dedicated professionals provides a supportive environment and a continuum of care that is designed to assess, stabilize and rebuild our patients’ lives.

We are specialized.

We believe that each patient has the right to participate in the creation of his or her treatment plan.

Our patients do not relinquish their power of personal choice upon entering our doors. Our experienced staff works with patients and loved ones to ensure everyone receives the care that will allow them to live their most productive and healthy lives.

We are a strong team of dedicated experts.

Our CEO leads a senior leadership team of highly skilled professionals to provide comprehensive treatment for our patients.

Our staff includes:
Board certified psychiatrists
Psychiatric nurses
Clinical therapists

We are always available.

We answer questions and schedule assessments 24 hours/7 days a week.
Call us at 713-819-9798 or 1-800-423-0017 Walk in appointments available on a first come, first serve basis.

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